I was recently helping a friend clear a small border in her garden and in this border were some very scraggy, old bits of Aubretia. Many of us keep plants that are past their best just because we don’t know what to do with them. The technique with Aubretias is to shear them hard as soon as they have finished flowering. This way they will develop a new cushion of tight foliage by September time.

In late summer you can take cuttings by tugging out a piece of the plant (with the heel) that has about 3 inches of brown stem below the foliage. Ideally this will need to be placed in a cold frame.

Aubretias prefer to grow in thin, alkaline soil in full sun but they do seem to flower happily in many different situations. They attract bees, look great tumbling down walls and can even be planted in containers.  If you are using them at the front of a border, it is a good idea to plant with low growing Geraniums, Helianthemums or Dianthus because on their own they do look ragged during the summer months.

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